Anche Dart Fener usa Hand Solo

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hand solo masturbatore uomo

Per tutti gli amanti del leggendario film di fantascienza Guerre stellari non potevamo non mettere questi esilaranti video.

Ebbene sì! Anche il nostro amico Dart Fener o Dart Vaden in inglese si masturba con Hand Solo Rocks-Off!

Vai al nostro Store per acquistare subito il tuo masturbatore Rocks-Off Hand Solo e allenati con la tua spada laser!!!

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  • 3 apr 2012 | Permalink | Rispondi

    hahahahahha stupendo!!!!

    • 4 lug 2016 | Permalink | Rispondi

      Whoever edits and puebsihls these articles really knows what they’re doing.

    • 13 lug 2016 | Permalink | Rispondi

      How wonderful to have that conversation while NOT in the heat of the moment! Thanks for posting that. While my son is unable to communicate like that now, it gives me hope for the future.P.S. My son likes brushing and joint compressions as well:)

    • 17 set 2016 | Permalink | Rispondi

      Caro José:Continue – pode ser que um dia destes o processem e então irão ver ainda há gente direita e que a Democracia é uma coisa bonita…

    • 25 set 2016 | Permalink | Rispondi

      می‌گه:سلام بر شمامن همین امشب شما را کشف کردم و از این بابت خیلی خوش حالم.اول همین پست را خواندم و بعد گشت و گل گشتی در بوستان نوشته ها ی شما و چه کیفی داشت. دمتان گرم و موفق باشید———————————————————————————بامدادی: استاد گرامی، به من محبت و لطف دارید. سپاسگذارم.

    • 22 ott 2016 | Permalink | Rispondi

      Hi Lunsford,I do no understand what SR has to do with the mathematical theory of the Top! This theory is ENTIRELY Classical! I agree that Einstein was a good mathematician. However he was not a great one, unlike Ed Witten.

    • 25 ott 2016 | Permalink | Rispondi

      Fy sÃ¥ TRIST! Jag tycker oxÃ¥ att Ni ska försöka stÃ¥ pÃ¥ er när det var en sÃ¥ stor uppenbar MISS frÃ¥n deras sida. StÃ¥ för frakten är det minsta dom kan göra!! Usch sÃ¥ arg jag skulle ha blivit i samma läge. Lycka Till…

    • 27 ott 2016 | Permalink | Rispondi

      Franchement ça me donne envie de voter pour elle. Le peuple a « mal » répond donc on refait le sondage et on magouille…minable. Les gens feraient mieux de poser les pb sur la table pour les résoudre au lieu d’essayer de noyer le poisson.

    • 3 nov 2016 | Permalink | Rispondi

      Perfect camera for low light use,image quality better than a Cmos cameras.Easy install ,Always use a good quality cable,Don’t use thin BNC cable on long distances, interference may appear.

    • 13 nov 2016 | Permalink | Rispondi

      Gordon, It seems to me that Obama and his minions have MADE it all about his personality. All style and no substance. So what tools are left to one but the personal? At least at this point.

    • 14 nov 2016 | Permalink | Rispondi

      I would not have noticed if you did not mention it :)Looks like fun…hope you had a good birthday!!!! totally loving the fence shot…

    • 15 nov 2016 | Permalink | Rispondi

      Hey, that’s powerful. Thanks for the news.

    • 13 feb 2017 | Permalink | Rispondi

      พูดว่า:Have you given any thought at all with translating your current website into Spanish? I know a couple of translaters right here which might help you do it for no cost if you want to contact me.

    • 1 mar 2017 | Permalink | Rispondi

      Det som er sÃ¥ fint med julen er tradisjonene vi kan skape selv. HÃ¥per dere hadde en fin kveld i gÃ¥r.Kose dere i romjulen:-)Er med i trekningen og hÃ¥per som alltid pÃ¥ et lite “mirakel”.

    • 26 mag 2017 | Permalink | Rispondi

      I actually don’t dare for these. I’m too busy to sit around and watch videos that take their time to show me data I could see in a glance on a static infographic. I also study data that I see. I compare, contrast and review. Can’t do that when it flashes past you and then is gone. I’d rather go watch TED.So I say, don’t be a video infographic lemming.

  • 11 apr 2012 | Permalink | Rispondi

    Noooooooooo da fanatico non posso non averlo!!!! Ma che ficcccoooooo!

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